About the Owner

Mark Sweeden founded Mark Sweeden Construction in 1976. He has over thirty years of experience
as a carpenter and general contractor. Mark Sweeden has been consulting, designing and building
residential and commercial wine cellars for fifteen years. His passion for wine and the necessity for
storage in a proper environment was the inspiration. His extensive building background and master
craftsmanship compliments his devotion to producing the finest wine cellars possible.

About Us
About the Wine Cellars

Wine cellars may be artistic, yet appear relatively
simple to build. There are numerous steps for each
project. Preliminary analysis and defined parameters
are critical for proper construction of a wine cellar.
From beginning to end, building a wine cellar has
numerous design specifications and continuous
calculations. For this reason, you are encouraged to
contact us for a consultation.

"An intrinsic part of the wine cellar vision includes
the beauty of design, optimizing and enhancing
space and creating an environment to be enjoyed
for a lifetime."